Legacy of the Year Beast!

The Beasts have come to wreck havoc once more, as if time's nature itself is fractured. Join the battle to seize your enemies' Ancient.

Shifting Snows~

Winter's grip has tightened, causing the river to ice over as deepening snow settles upon the forest paths. Yet, the battle still rages on!

Chill of the New Bloom

The season may be changing, but the cold still has the power to bite. Winter Wyvern has arrived, ready to let you blanket the battlefield in her icy shadow.

The New Neighbors!

Some say the garment began as the wedding gown of an ancient queen or it was once a battle cloak of a frost ogre. The Frost Avalanche is Here!

The Contract

The Contract has been made! Ready your gear as you face off with your targets and have the chance to attain the Manafold Paradox!

Rekindling Soul

Ready as ever to let you turn the souls of the fallen against your enemies. All shall fear the Shadow Fiend, or be made into fuel for his victory.